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New Mexico Traffic Safety  

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Topical studies re New Mexico Traffic Safety

An Agenda for New Mexico Traffic Safety
Trends in New Mexico Crash Death Rates
New Mexico DWI: The 2% Solution

2005 DWI Data Explorer for NM Counties
2004 DWI Data Explorer for NM Counties

NM Fatal Crash Narratives, 1995-2004
NM Crash Trends, 1986-2006
New Highway Dept. Draft Safety Goals Call for Increased Crash Deaths!
435 More Reasons to Make New Mexico Safer
New Mexico DWI Arrest Trend Reports Updated, by county and police agency
Saving 300 Lives in New Mexico
Drug-Related Crash Deaths in New Mexico (Adobe Acrobat® format)
The 2000 Annual Traffic Safety Report to the Governor
Weakened Traffic Safety Goals for New Mexico
New Mexico DWI Arrests in 2000

NM County Directory for 2005 DWI Data
NM County Directory for 2004 DWI Data

Current Year Traffic Death Trends

Crash Deaths, Total and  by Vehicle Type
Alcohol-Related Crash Deaths


New Mexico Crashes, 1999 Rank and Trends

DWI Enforcement

New Mexico DWI Arrest Trend Reports by county and police agency

Special Studies

The 1999 Annual Traffic Safety Report to the Governor
Murdering Your Own Children -- Special Report on Children Riding With New Mexico Drunk Drivers
New Mexico Chronic DWI Offender Fact Sheet
Crash Effects of Sunday Sales of Package Liquor

Traffic Safety Statutes and Rules

New Mexico's Traffic Safety Act
18 NMAC 20.6:  Community DWI Prevention Program Rule

New Mexico Highway Safety and Performance Plans    (Adobe Acrobat® format)

2001-2005   (268k)

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U.S. Traffic Safety Trends

Ranks of the States for 1999 per-capita crash death rates  (Adobe Acrobat® format)
Letter to Transportation Secretary Rodney Slater
re non-alcohol-related crash death trends

Tools for Government Accountability

Finding US public documents

The ACLU Freedom of Information Act Step-by-Step Guide

Finding NM state and local public documents and other records

The New Mexico Inspection of Public Records Act
The NM Attorney General's Compliance Guide for Inspection of Public Records

The New Mexico Foundation for Open Government

State Finances

The NM Legislative Finance Committee Website
The NM State Auditor
The NM Accountability in Government Act

Open Meetings

The NM Attorney General's Compliance Guide for the Open Meetings Act




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