Subpart B—Application, Approval, and Funding of the Highway Safety Program

§ 1200.10 Application.

Each fiscal year, a State’s application for funds for its highway safety program shall consist of the following components:

(a) A Performance Plan, containing the following elements:

(1) A list of objective and measurable highway safety goals, within the National Priority Program Areas and other program areas, based on highway safety problems identified by the State during the processes under paragraph (a)(2) of this section. Each goal must be accompanied by at least one performance measure that enables the State to track progress, from a specific baseline, toward meeting the goal (e.g., a goal to ‘‘increase safety belt use from XX percent in 1991 to YY percent in 200l,’’ using a performance measure of ‘‘percent of restrained occupants in front outboard seating positions in passenger motor vehicles’’).in accordance with §1200.11 of this part, the special funding conditions of the Section 402 program.

(2) A brief description of the processes used by the State to identify its highway safety problems, define its highway safety goals and performance measures, and develop projects and activities to address its problems and achieve its goals. In describing these processes, the State shall identify the participants in the processes (e.g., highway safety committees, community and constituent groups), discuss the strategies for project or activity selection (e.g., constituent outreach, public meetings, solicitation of proposals), and list the information and data sources consulted.

(b) A Highway Safety Plan, approved by the Governor’s Representative for Highway Safety, describing the projects and activities the State plans to implement to reach the goals identified in the Performance Plan. The Highway Safety Plan must, at a minimum, describe one year of section 402 program activities (and may include activities funded from other sources, so long as the source of funding is clearly distinguished).

 (c) A Certification Statement, signed by the Governor’s Representative for Highway Safety, providing assurances that the State will comply with applicable laws and regulations, financial and programmatic requirements, and in accordance with § 1200.11 of this part, the special funding conditions of the Section 402 program.

(d) A Program Cost Summary (HS Form 217 or its electronic equivalent), completed to reflect the State’s proposed allocations of funds (including carry-forward funds) by program area, based on the goals identified in the Performance Plan and the projects and activities identified in the Highway Safety Plan. The funding level used shall be an estimate of available funding for the upcoming fiscal year.

Source:  23 CFR Chapter 1200 Subpart B, §1200.10, from 62 FR 34402, June 26, 1997, as amended at 64 FR 40764, July 28, 1999