Join the 300 Lives Coalition


For individuals

Email the Saving 300 Lives Coalition with your name, address, email address, and phone number, and we will record you as a supporter and member of the Coalition. There are no dues of any kind.

For organizations

Copy and paste the text in the letter below into your word processing program, edit it as appropriate, format to match your letterhead, and mail your letter to the DWI Resource Center, which has agreed to serve as secretary for the effort.  Thanks for your support!


Linda Atkinson
Saving 300 Lives Coalition
PO Box 30514
Albuquerque NM  87190

Dear Ms Atkinson:

Our organization, the <insert name>, strongly supports the 300 Lives Initiative and wishes to be included as a partner in the Saving 300 Lives Coalition to pursue our common goal to save 300 lives in New Mexico motor vehicle crashes between now and 2005. 

We look forward to working with you to make that happen!



Please mail or fax your letter to the Coalition at:

Saving 300 Lives Coalition
c/o DWI Resource Center
PO Box 30514
Albuquerque NM  87190
Phone (505) 881-1084
Fax (505) 881-1301

Alternatively, you can email your letter to the Center, at, as long as you include a phone number or email address for confirmation. There are no dues or obligations involved.

Thanks for your help!